Full Cream Evaporated Milk

Evaporated milk is a liquid dairy product obtained by the partial removal of water from the fresh milk. It is sealed in a container and so processed by heat that the natural rich taste of the product is preserved with a shelf life of 18 months.
Evaporated milk is ideal to use for cooking, making desserts and for baking purposes. It can also be used undiluted in tea, coffee or cocoa.

Product Characteristic

  • brands: KANNY and MORNY
  • min. 8% butterfat
  • to be used undiluted in tea, coffee or cocoa
  • ideal to use for cooking, making desserts and baking purposes
  • available in 170g  & 410 g labeled tins
  • text in: English/Spanish/French or English/ Arabic/French
Product Specifications 
Product name: Full Cream Evaporated Milk with min. 8% butterfat 
Ingredients: fresh cow’s milk, vitamin D
H.S. code: 0402 2131
Application: For human consumption
Shelf life: 18 months (or less, according to destination regulations)   
Product Composition 
Butterfat:Min. 8%
Milk solids non-fat:Min. 17,5%
Loading Specifications 
Size FCL 20ft container 
96 x 170 g tins1065 cartons
48 x 410 g tins920 cartons 


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